Monday, April 28, 2014

Countdown to Commencement: meet Jerry

Our Countdown to Commencement picks back up today with Jerry. His kindness was recognized recently, but he says that anyone else in his class would have done the same thing. Nonetheless, we are proud of him.

Congrats Jerry!

Career aspiration: Jerry is retired from the Air Force and chose nursing so that he can continue to serve his community. He served for 20 years and said he worked in various roles from administrative to medical readiness and disaster preparedness. “Working with patients and their family members is very rewarding,” he said.

SCC degree: Certificate of Achievement in practical nursing

Memorable moment: Jerry was recognized by St. Luke’s Hospital and by SCC for performing an act of kindness during a clinical rotation. He volunteered to help a patient park her car and get to her appointment on time.

The patient told him his mother would be proud of him, a comment that means a lot to Jerry since he recently lost his mother to lung cancer.

“Nurses don’t walk away from people in need,” Jerry said.

“It’s the kind of person he is, and he didn't think he deserved the recognition, but he went above and beyond and we are very proud of Jerry,” said Rusty St. John, professor of nursing and allied health. “Hearing what happened to him was a highlight for me this year, but it wasn't something I can take credit for, nor was it my teaching that inspired it.”

Next steps: He plans to be a dad (he and his wife are expecting their first child), to be a Licensed Practical Nurse and eventually to be a registered nurse.

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