Friday, April 25, 2014

A good day

Have you ever had one of those days when everything just falls into place? Wednesday was one of those days for me.

I thought I’d take a break from the Countdown to Commencement to tell you about it. There was nothing I did to make it happen, but it was a result of the collective effort of our faculty and staff on this campus.

I was able to get outside in the sun for a bit to go to the annual Spring Fling event hosted by our Student Activities Department. While I was serving hamburgers someone told me about efforts that she had made in her job that might be good for me to know.

Then I was introduced to an alum who told me she had transferred to a nearby university, but that her heart belonged to SCC because of all the experiences she had here.

A colleague gave me some cool blog ideas for future posts related community college success.

Others stopped me to brag about their students, offered to help me in my efforts to connect with alumni and even told me of resources they had or ideas they had been thinking about.

When I came back to the office I met a proud dad of one our grads who wanted to start a new scholarship to help other students like his daughter to get started with their education.

I’ll admit I don’t have all the pieces to my new job figured out yet, but one thing I know for sure: I have a lot of help and I’m part of a team that believes in connecting with friends and alumni and supporting our students. We are a proud and caring bunch of educators and support staff here, no doubt.

In launching this blog, I've begun talking with a number of our soon-to-be grads and cannot begin to tell you how inspiring it is to hear the stories of why they came to St. Charles Community College, their experiences here and what plans they are making for the future. I can’t wait to share some of those stories with you soon and continue the countdown.

I’m thrilled to be your new friends and alumni coordinator in the SCC Foundation and am encouraged by your friendly welcome and your support. I am excited to hear more ideas from campus and community members and to collaborate with you in the future.

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